Seal of the Society of Jesus

Moved by the Faith that does justice, and sharing in the vision and mission of Jesus for the establishment of the Kingdom of God based on the values of freedom, justice, peace and harmony with nature and people, we, the members of Jamshedpur Province, after serious analysis, reflection and discernment of the situation of our area, passionately commit ourselves to the cause of the poor, the marginalized and the voiceless, especially the tribals and dalits, for a just and humane society freed of all oppressive structures. We affirm that creation of such a society calls for our immersion in their culture, dynamic solidarity with them in their joys and struggles and active collaboration with like-minded groups.

Our Vision for Orissa

Moved by the faith that does justice

we commit ourselves

to build a prosperous and humane society

in Orissa

where people of diverse cultures and religions

can live in harmony

with God, one another and nature.