Thank you for giving me a bright future……!

The work of the Jamshedpur Jesuits is made possible by the support of the people around the world. Our works have been funded from the faithful generosity of the individual and collective donors mostly from the United States.

Your generosity ensures that the work started by the Jamshedpur Jesuits in this part of the world will continue and enrich the lives of the people. You can give an opportunity to help this local world to give it a future, an opportunity that now isn’t there !

We believe that a better world is possible..Join in this noble task of hope in bringing some hope to those who need it the most.. Join hands with us if you share the same hope and belief.

You can make a difference today, give what you can to those that need it most – every bit helps!

Your contributions would help us to give this local world a future, an opportunity which now isn’t there !

Sponsor a Project…:

We run various projects in the rural areas in order to provide better living conditions to the villagers. All these projects are supported. You can be part of this work by your generous contributions. Together we can work towards changing the world for the better.

Sponsor a child’s education….:

You can help a child get educated by your generousity in the many rural schools we run. There are a lot of children who are unable to pay for the books and the equipments. You can be their help…

Medical Program:

Medical help is one of our primary concern in the West Singhbhum where sicknesses like Malaria and TB are playing havoc.We are doing some minor scale medical camps and distribution of medicines in these areas. But that is a drop in the mighty ocean. We are looking for your help in this area.

Make a donation to our Local services:

We provide a wide range of services to our community, made possible with your generous contributions. When you send us a donation, you would be helping us to meet the local humanitarian needs of the less fortunate in our community.

Your contributions are also welcome for :

Missions / The training of the members in formation./ Rural Tribal Institutions./Legal Aid and Advocacy/Community Services.

Those readers who would like to make a contribution for our works, could contact Fr. K M Joseph, the Province Treasurer directly (, for Bank details.

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