Loyola Academy, Jilling

The project started in March, 1992 in Jilling Saborpara, where there are 23 families. There are 4 other places for Eucharistic celebration with a Catholic family or two in each. There was a time that this place nurtured criminals and those addicted to consumption of alcohol. With the arrival of the Jesuits, there has been a complete transformation. A school for boys and girls has been established with a little over 400 students.Out of 300 boys we have just Catholics  and among the remaining girls, 3 are Cathoilic.

Fr James Kalapura, the pioneer writes “On 9 March 1992, I moved into Jilling Saborpara. There are 23 families in Jilling Saborpara. I reach out to four other places for Eucharistic celebration: Barabazar, Basantopur and Purdaha with one Catholic family each and Rampur with two Catholic families.

Since the Sabors were very often harassed by the police, one of the first things I did was to have meetings with the DM and SP and some other concerned officials. With the instructions to the police station under their jurisdiction, the harassment of Sabors by the police has almost completely stopped.

Many, including practically all the youth, have either completely stopped or controlled consumption of liquor. They are able to assert themselves, they are able to demand for certain amount of justice from those who treated them as criminals and scums of the society. Above all, they are able to say ‘no’ to those who would like to hire them for criminal and unjust activities.

Another area where certain amount of transformation has take place in the lives of these people is in their understanding and practice of Christian faith.

So far six houses have been built for the Sabors in Jilling.”