St John's Tepasai

St John’s Centre was founded on 9 June 1983 by Fr A Antoniswami and Br Benedict Kichingia. From the very beginning, an attempt was made to keep the life style of the men working there and the developmental activities in line with the culture of the people and their sensibilities.

This approach yielded great results. In a very short time, the acceptability of the message and the cooperation of all rose to a great height.

In 1998, after some fifteen years of work, the school has some 700 students, of whom 475 are boys and 225 are girls. About one fourth of the student population is Catholic.

Besides the pioneers, Fr Antoniswami and Br Kichingia, Frs Basil Horo, Oscar Horo, Gerry Kerketta, Walter Kongari, John Sumbrui, Alex Gnanapragasam, Michael Thanaraj, Fabian Bhuinyan and Br Francis Tiru have given their service to the development of the people and have left behind a true heritage that anyone can be proud of.