Training for School Managing Committee (SMC)

O C I, Tumudibandha organized a training programme for the School Managing Committee members of 12 government schools of Mundigodo GP on June, 8, 2012 at Dhungiaponkhal. The 35 SMC members (7 women and 28 men) from 10 schools participated in the training.

The training was aimed at making them aware of their roles and responsibilities in the management of the schools and be an active member in running the schools. Fr. Gyan explained them their functions as per the “Guidelines for composition and functions of School Management Committee in Elementary Schools” issued by Government of Orissa, Department of School and Mass Education, to all collectors on 11.01.11. Mr. Ullash our Field Coordinator spoke on the government project “Amo Vidyalaya” for the improvement of school environment in all schools across the state.

During the course of training, we found that only a handful of SMC Presidents are aware of their functions and are active in managing the schools. The SMC members are not aware of their roles and responsibilities. This indicates that because of their lack of knowledge and active involvement, many rural schools are not functioning well. The participants themselves acknowledge this fact.  Many issues were raised by the participants. We as the resource persons showed them the way as how to resolve those issues especially by attending the SMC meetings, proper reporting, informing about the issues to proper authorities etc. We hope that after our training, at least those schools from where the SMC members received training will start taking their responsibilities seriously and work towards the betterment of the school and education.

The participants showed great interest in the training. We have to wait and see for the result.


Training to SMC members at Dhungiaponkhal

O C I organized a training programme for the members of School Managing Committee (SMC) at Dhungiaponkhal on May 28, 2012. SMC members 3 each from 12 schools were invited for the training. Unfortunately the same day there was the finalization of Indira Awas at the Panchayat office. So, only 7 presidents and 7 members turned for the training.

Since only few of them turned up for the training it is postponed to June 8, 2012 at the same venue. However, we did have some input for the participants. Mr. Ullash , our field coordinator spoke on RTE emphasizing the role of the SMC in governing and the management of the schools. He also explained the role of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Mother Teacher Association (MTA) in managing the school. Fr. Gyan spoke on the general responsibility of every guardian in ensuring the enrollment of the children and retaining them in the school. There was a fruitful discussion on some other topics as we sat for an hour or so with them.

We came to know that the Indira Awas was to be given to the poor families of one Ward but the whole of Panchayat people rushed to the Panchayat office hoping to get Indira Awas. Most people knew who would be benefitting from this scheme yet all rushed to the office. This tells the kind of mentality people have regarding the government schemes.

We only hope more will turn up on June 8th for our training programme.