St Joseph's School, Kendrapara

It is an English medium school of the Archdiocese. The Archbishop requested the Jesuits to restart the school, which was closed down for some reasons. The school was run by a group of laypersons. They had some dispute and it was closed. The people of Kendrapara requested the Archbishop to take it up. So he sent a group of Sisters to runt he school. Once again it was closed down due to many problems. At this point, Jesuits were invited by the Archbishop to restart the school. Fr James Tharaniyil was appointed for this work. He and his assistant Sch Savarimuthu restarted it in 1996. Fr James was able to get its affiliation to ICSE Board. Two batches of students have already passed out of the school. Fr Kuruvilla Verunkal was the Principal for 4 years. We are running the school on behalf of the Archdiocese. Now Fr James Tharani is the Principal.

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