Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar

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Down Memory Lane! – Way back in 1987, a group of sixty individuals ventured into the rolls of XIM, for the first time ever. It was a small beginning then. Today, ten years down the road, one can say with conviction that the institute has grown from strength to strength. Some of the more significant achievements and noteworthy addition over the last decade are the establishment of CENDERET, the new buildings in the campus, expansion of the Computer Centre and the Library and the brand new Multimedia Centre. However, before we get carried away with all the successes, I wish to remind my friends in no uncertain terms that we still have a long way to go. There are a number of areas where we have remained behind the need of the times: the lack of an Auditorium and MDP Training Centre, an incampus clinic, industry interaction and networking, communication center and language laboratories, proper living quarters for the faculty and staff.

Admission – The intake of students from 1987 to 1991, had been sixty. From 1992 we are admitting 120 students, two-thirds of whom, we are proud to say, are Orissa domiciles. Off and on, the bogey of fall in standards and the risk of XIM not becoming one of the top ranking business schools on account of this quota system have been raised from certain quarters. But the Jesuit management of XIM (when I say Jesuit management, it includes as of today, not only the religious but also all the lay faculty and staff) firmly believes that there is no reason to change the present norms of admission, as it was agreed upon in 1987 between the Orissa government and the OJS (Orissa Jesuit Society). From the point of quality we have reasons to believe that XIM is doing well.

Finally, Sir, (Chief Minister of Orissa), my sincere thanks to you for accepting our invitation to deliver the decennial Address and laying the foundation for our much needed and expected Auditorium. All of us assembled here are well aware that you had been the visionary who conceived this Management Institute at the State capital and you were the architect in making this Institution an excellent one in the country. As the Institute is on its threshold of a second decade of service in Orissa, XIM gratefully recalls the selfless and dedicated service of past Chairmen, Directors, faculty, administrators and staff.

This is the only Jesuit Institution of higher education in Orissa. Fr General granted permission in May 1986 to establish the management school “with a difference”. The first batch of 60 students began their class in October 1987. The “extension service” known as CENDERET (Centre for Development, Research and Training) began in 1988. It took up developmental projects and research work in the State. Its work is recognized all over the State. In a quarter of a century, the Institute in Bhubaneswar has carved out a niche for itself by reserving 60 per cent of seats for the domiciles of Orissa while the remaining lot is filled out by an all India  Admission Test. It has been among the top 10 Business Schools of the country.






1987-89 Fr. Abraham Enthemkuzhy SJ 1987-93 Fr. Romould D’Souza SJ
1989-95 Fr. Michael Van Bogaert SJ 1993-95 Fr. Michael Van Bogaert SJ
1995-98 Fr. Lawrence Gnanarethinam SJ 1995-97 Fr. Casmir Raj SJ
1998-99 Fr. George Hess SJ 1997-00 Fr. Lawrence Gnanarethinam SJ
1999-06 Fr. George Cheradayil SJ 2000-08 Fr. Abraham Enthemkuzhy SJ
2006-08 Fr. Augustine Ezhakunnel SJ 2008- Fr. P.T. Jospeh SJ
2008- Fr. George Joseph SJ