Ranjeet Kindo and I arrived in Tangrain for the first time on 5 September and found it to be place of  “milk and honey.” Then on 21 September I came back with Fr. Petrus Barwa, PP of Hamirpur Parish, the mother parish of Tangrain parish, which will be formally erected on 3 December, the feast day of St. Francis Xavier. He officially handed the key of the Church. On the same day 12 elephants too arrived in our village and remained there at least for 12 hours without harming the people or damaging the crops. Would you call that  an auspicious sign? People are busy harvesting gora-dhaan and so the Nawakhani celebration is on in the different church centres of the Parish. House visiting is on. Preparations for thedeclaration of the opening of the new parish  are in full swing. Alfred is caught up in Spoken English classes and is very much in demand. One can perceive great enthusiasm among the youth.
– Fabian Bhuinyan